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Haze left her home country – the Philippines – in 2016 to live life outside her comfort zone. She was at the heights of her career working for Google but she packed her bags and left anyways – with a very limited (close to none) budget. Since then, her whole life is dependent on her 40L backpack and her resilience to do and learn things. She started working remotely with different brands and volunteering while exploring the world.


Haze fell in love with blogging when she was still 14 years old when blogging was not a trend yet. A Pinch of Haze is more of an online diary that offers real first-hand experiences she stumbles upon this journey. The readers will immediately know if she did not write the article – that’s how real and raw her style of writing is and that’s how the readers know and love her.

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W h a t s A p p : + 6 0 – 1 8 – 6 6 2 5 – 4 0 1 • h a z e @ a p i n c h o f h a z e . c o m • @ a p i n c h o f h a z e

services offered

Bali A Pinch of Haze

Content Creation

  • Powerful Writing – Haze only works with brands she believes in and/or write everything raw and with all honesty hence, She had gained loyal readers and followers.
  • Digital Storytelling – Experiential narrative is Haze’s style of writing. People love to read more of experiences and do not want to feel obliged to purchase something (hard-selling)
  • Instagram Curation – Haze had spent years on instagram and have real followers with more engagement. I can help you curate and manage your instagram and engage with nano-influencers and your target audience.
Penang Malaysia

Haze is Google certified and used to work for Google as a digital marketing strategist and account manager. You may check her professional expertise and read what her colleagues from Google say about her on LinkedIn.

Web Design and Development

Haze can help you design and develop your website. She, together with her team, is also knowledgeable with CRM systems, web apps, and things that would give you and your customers better communication

Jordan A Pinch of Haze

Social Media Exposure

  • Mentions in different social media platforms’ post and stories
  • Geo and username tags on social media
  • TripAdvisor Review
  • Permanent link (one year) on a blog post
  • Sponsored article

Marketing Materials

  • Photos with copyright
  • Curated Instagram and facebook story posts
  • Brochure and flyer designs


Cabinzero A Pinch of Haze

I value the people I work with so I would appreciate it if you take a look at my contents and what my style is. I write based on real and personal experiences. I do not write reviews dictated by partners. I can mention your brand on my posts with honest experiences and recommendations, but I can not use your company name on the titles.

Even if you offer me $1000 for one link on my blog, if I do not trust the brand and can not personally recommend it to my readers, I will not accept it. I do not want to give false advertising just because of the money.

Bangkok Apinchofhaze

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WhatsApp: +60-18-6625-401 /

Website/Social Media / @apinchofhaze

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