On Quitting My Job

Hola! So this is my first post on this blog. I don’t know what to write to be honest. I think that’s the difficult part – to start. I am just going to let it flow so bear with me. A lot of questions are flowing in about quitting my job.

Maybe an introduction is fine for a first post.

Buildings in West Bay, Doha, Qatar

I just quit my job in Qatar. I was an OFW working as Business Development Officer/Sales and Marketing/Social Media Specialist/Google Adwords Expert/Copyreader (LOL. People working in the Middle East should know about the fact that more often than not, you do everything). The pay? It was fine – fine that I was getting the same (basic + commissions) in the Philippines but in GCC, I didn’t have to pay for taxes, accommodation, transportation, electricity, water, and internet bills.

I just worked in Qatar for three months. Unhappy is what I was because of a lot of things. Mainly because of the atmosphere and employer-employee relationship which I don’t want to go into details (yet). I had to reevaluate my goals and ask myself if it’s really worthwhile to bury myself into work and have no life outside it. It was difficult. I went there to support my brother so I can send him to college. I wanted to buy properties and put up my own business and travel – the rat race as they say. Which I think I can achieve if I stay and work there for few years but is it worth it?

I work from 8-5 waking up at 5 every morning and reaching home at 6 or 7 in the evening. Fridays were the only off which I usually spend cleaning my space, doing the laundry, and other adult responsibilities.

At first, it was just all excitement (though already anxious of the visa that the company had given me). I was learning and trying to discover a lot of things. It was great until I discovered the things on the dark side of the situation I was on.

Sealine Sand Dunes, Qatar

So I had to ask myself again, is it worth it? Is it worth to stay unhappy and get caught up saving money thinking that it will make you happy soon? I always thought that I should have the money to explore and travel. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean a lot. Traveling on a limited budget if not sponsored. I was too unhappy that I did not care if I had the money or not. To put things short, I quit. I quit not knowing if I can survive after resignation. I quit not knowing what to do next and where to go or how to even start. I was that unhappy that with all the anxieties and questions I had in mind, I still decided to do it.

I thought I was making just another impulsive millennial decision, but as I was boarding the plane from Doha to Dubai (my connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur), I knew that I made the right decision. I was happy. It feels like I had just given myself the long overdue freedom. I am the type of person who always think too much but that time, I was not planning in my mind; I was not thinking of anything; I was just happy and excited.

I was so used to overthink not noticing that I was delaying my own happiness. My mind had to raise some questions in my mind. Money is a factor but I think it is delaying our happiness. What was I saving money for if I don’t get to do the things that I want even if I have money? I couldn’t answer myself.

Quitting my job was not easy.

Quitting my job without any plans was not easy. Making new decisions need not be easy. I am not even sure if I am ready for this but no one is ever ready. We are just ready for the things that seem to be easy for us.

I do not regret staying in GCC to work. It might not be the expected experience but still, it was an experience. If it was not for that, I won’t know how to make big uncertain decisions.

People close to me know that I’ve been through a lot. I am always the one who seem to have “things figured out,” but let’s be honest here, never did I seem to figure things out. I am not sure on how far this journey will take me or for how long. One thing I’ve learned is to take things slowly but to keep moving. This is just what I want now and I am going to give it a try.

Making this decision feels liberating. I know there are a lot of things to consider but I just refuse to entertain them at the moment. I’ve been thinking too much my whole life and frustrations just have no room in my mind now.

I don’t know what to do but I am going to do something anyways nor do I know where to go but I am going to keep moving anyways. I don’t know where to start but I am going to start anyways.

Have you made an uncomfortable unplanned decision in your life? How did you feel about it? Feel free to share!

  1. Oh, I can totally relate to you. I was working in a job I hated the last years for many reasons and then I said enough. I made a plan and managed to quit my job. It feels so nice now. Good luck to your future plans. I wish you the best.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I love how you made reference to th mellineal decision making, but from what I read here, you aren’t like any of the stereotypes! It’ll be interesting following along your journey

  3. Congrats on making the jump and quitting – it’s definitely liberating! I’ve always lived by the same motto – it’s awesome to have stability and have money coming in, but what’s the point of having money in the bank if it’s making you unhappy. Massive congrats!

  4. I understand every detail on your article. I have been in that situation also. It was not easy to quit a job that helped you pay for a lot of things. I was also an OFW for 2 years only. I admire your courage. Keep achieving your goals!

  5. Congratulations!! That is such a freeing feeling, being finished with an environment that was causing you stress or unhappiness! You are right to follow your gut instincts. You will figure it out!

    1. Oh, you have no idea on how freeing it is! LOL. I felt like I was just been introduced to the world that’s always there but I don’t get to see. 🙂

  6. I always say, if something makes you unhappy, change it. Life is not infinite and we can’t keep on staying unhappy forever just because of reasons like money. You will find your path one day, this was just the wrong one. There will be mistakes, but you need to learn from them. Good luck in your new adventure!

  7. I was on the same boat in the middle part of last year. I didn’t really over think it, regardless of the fact that I didn’t have a new job waiting for me. I just knew in my heart that I had to leave and I trusted the universe that it would provide for me (it definitely did). Congratulations for doing it. If it makes you happy, nobody can really question it. Goodluck on your future endeavors.

  8. How liberating! My husband and I are currently working to move abroad for some long term travel. BUT first we’re saving up and he is finishing his degree (in December-YAY). Cheers!

  9. You are bold and inspirational! I guess the best thing about comfort zone is that you need to find your comfort zone in every aspect of life and in every change that occurs in life! You’ve embraced them boldly.

  10. I think I have read your story from PSonmyway if I still remember it right. You’re truly inspiring, I know that quitting our job is the hardest decision someone can do. I really salute you for doing that and you must be really brave. I’m so happy that you have finally granting yourself the freedom you have long been wanting to experience. Just like what most people say, whatever makes you happy just go for it. God bless your journey and I hope to reading more of your story and travel experience.

    LaiAriel R. Samangka

  11. Wonderful girl. You realized it at the correct time. People spend years figuring what they want and still cant realise and follow their dreams. It is good you chose the path to be happy. Be bold and motivated like this always.

      1. Haze, when I did this,
        – my income became eight-fold and my take home became ten-fold
        – my anxieties vanished
        – i only workes 8 hours instead of something like 24 hours as a businessman
        – i had time to raise a family and for God

        What did I do?
        I prayed hard and begged God to plan and control my life. I asked Him to tell me His plan so I can simply follow. I realized that I am not that good in planning my life. I realized that God’s plan is perfect and is always good for me. I just needed to cooperate with Him. Onc I made that decision to follow, life became easy.


  12. Quitting a job is ain’t an easy thing to do. I admire you, I kinda remembered and reminded me on how I also quit my job at the corporate world before, I was too anxious and at first it made me feel uncomfortable because I knew the comfort salary won’t be too easy anymore for me. But just kept moving. All the best! Some things are just out there, sometimes, it’s uncomfortable but worth it Xx

  13. I cal understand where you coming from. Overthinking, no plans in life etc. I’ve been there. I quit my job to travel last September and live my life with no plans. Believe me, that is the best decision I made in my life. I learn how to work harder to support the freedom that I’m experiencing today. There are times that I want to give up and you might experience it too. But don’t stop just keep moving!

  14. Gotta do what you gotta do and these things always work out for the best! Best part of life is being in control of your destination and journey.

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  16. Hi Haze! I was browsing stories about brunei and I landed reading ur blog. After reading ur post abt brunei I saw this post and cant help not to share my same sentiment.

    I just recently quit my job for 9 years here in the Phils. And like you said it wasnt really an easy decision at all esp that there are no job waiting for me but I didnt really overthink abt it because I felt it my heart that Something better will come along for me. I think this is also the chance I have to discover what I really want in my life.

    Somehow after quitting my job I had made one of my many dreams to come true and that just made me felt even more excited for the new beginnings and adventure to come!

    Goodluck and Cheers to us! 🙂

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