going back home

Going Back Home is Scarier Than Being Away

The last few weeks of my journey were a combination of waves trying to go away from the scary ocean ...
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solo travel

He Is My Unexpected Destination

It’s two in the morning and I just woke up from a nightmare. A nightmare of you and I. What ...
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life's extra baggage

Leaving Life’s Extra Baggage Behind: I Am More Of Myself Now

As human beings, it is normal to have the desire to have a lot of material things and to feel ...
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Myanmar, It Is Love At First Sight

Myanmar (I love to call it by its old name, Burma) is one of my dream destinations. After decades of ...
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younger self

To My Younger Self

Dear 17-year-old self, I am your future currently roaming around Southeast Asia to avoid going home. You might be disappointed ...
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Solo Female Travel

9 Things Solo Female Travel Has Taught Me

Millennials make up a generation of young entrepreneurs, start-up enthusiasts, travellers, and people who try their best to have a ...
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5 Reasons Why I Keep Coming Back To Brunei

Where is Brunei? Is that even a place? A small country located on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, ...
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On Quitting My Job

Hola! So this is my first post on this blog. I don’t know what to write to be honest. I ...
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