Where To Go If You’re Looking for Easy Travel

If you’re bored of the potential stress of a big, convoluted holiday, it’s understandable you might look to strip things back. Your destination makes for the enjoyment, and so it makes sense for you to seek somewhere that’s easy to explore. Easy travel gives way to a stress-relieving break from our daily hustle.

Here are just a few suggestions on where to go if you’re looking for easy travel.

A city break…

New York City

Manhattan Bridge, New York, United States, Photo by: Patrick Tomasso

You may be surprised once you arrive in New York City to discover just how small the main island is. It’s very easy to navigate, too – avenues and streets forming a grid. One can expect the locals to direct you via details such as “34th and 5th, where you’ll find the Empire State Building.

So, it goes without saying you’ll be able to see all of the landmarks with total ease. Being such a hotspot for tourism, you’ll be in good hands in New York City – from the tour buses to the endless attractions, there’s simply no way to get bored.


For a balance of sun and sights, visit Barcelona. For a major city, it’s relatively laidback – stroll down the ramblas at your own pace, taking in the rustic charm of the side streets and quirky shops tucked in between the more recognizable chain stores.

It’s also the cultural hotspot of Catalonia, with some of the region’s most recognizable sights being situated in Barcelona – consider visiting the Sagrada Familia, the iconic church that has spent over 100 years being built and is yet to be finished, yet remains a beautiful piece of architecture.


It’s often listed as one of the best cities to visit if you’re disabled, due to how easy and accessible it is to navigate – and Amsterdam is a whole lot of fun, too. With plenty of the attractions in the centre equipped to accommodate disabled tourists, you’ll have no problem doing it all.

You’ll find Anne Frank’s house here, and it’s a sight you shouldn’t miss – it’s definitely an important part of history both in the city and worldwide. The vibe in Amsterdam is considerably relaxed too, so you’ll feel comfortable throughout your stay.

A beach holiday…


It’s safe to say some of the world’s best beaches can be found in Thailand. From the quiet seclusion of Krabi to the bustle of the popular Phuket, you’ll find an abundance of beautiful beaches throughout the country.

Consider visiting the Phi Phi Islands, off the coast of Phuket. It’s actually a hotspot for diving should you feel like it, but there’s no harm in simply laying back and taking in your surroundings – you’d be hard done by finding anywhere else in the world that compares so closely to paradise.


Key West

You may be surprised at just how beautiful the beaches of Florida are. You’ve got the Florida Keys, an archipelago linked by the Seven Mile Bridge, a true feat of engineering. But up and down the shore you can find beaches on both the Pacific and Atlantic shores, all of which as stunning as the next.

If you’re looking to divert from the Orlando crowds, escape to a beach – some incredible choices lay a mere hour away, such as St. Petersburg’s various offerings just outside of Tampa. For an escape from the bustle, it’s worth the drive.


Despite Ibiza’s notorious reputation as a pure party town, the other side of the island boasts some of the best beaches in the world. It’s full of rustic charm, too – you may be surprised to discover the authentic villas and old-world homes open for travelers to reside in.

It’s the perfect destination for a family holiday, which may come as a surprise to some. But if you’re looking for a quieter destination for your beach holiday, Ibiza could be the place to go.

And the more unique options…
A cruise

If you’re really in need of an easy getaway, a cruise is without a doubt your best bet. You’ll be seeing the world with ease, and depending on the sights you want to see, there’s definitely a ship for you.

And, with so much to do upon the boat itself, you could still have a good time without even having to disembark. A cruise gives you a perfect opportunity to relax and take it easy – all the hard work is taken care of for you.

Stay at home

Sometimes you don’t have to look far at all to discover the perfect destination. People often manage to holiday a mere stone’s throw away from their home – look nearby for any big cities, beaches or places of natural wonder that could make for a relaxed and easy holiday.

Staying at home is often a desirable choice for many as it cuts out the stressful experience of the airport as well as the unfamiliarity of a foreign country – and you probably take some great locations for granted when they’re so close to home.

A road trip
Yosemite National Park Road, Yosemite Valley, United States, Photo by: Austin Neill

Why not hit the road? A road trip means you’ll be in complete control of your holiday, cutting out the extra stress of accommodation, flights, and other issues. Choose the perfect route for you and get going.

Road trips are a great way to have an authentic experience when traveling, as you’ll likely be seeing the sights that go unnoticed on regular holidays. It’s spontaneous, it’s fun and, best of all, it’s easy.

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  1. I would choose Barcelona and Amsterdam! I adore big cities that are clean and walkable. In Barcelona, locals spend a great deal of time outdoors – basking in the sun, drinking coffee, and chatting with friends over tapas. It’s a wonderful city that I have yet to visit. On the other hand, Amsterdam appears just as enthralling because of its being multicultural and bizarre.

  2. These are all good suggestions for designing a low-fuss holiday. I agree that Thailand is extremely easy to travel around and it’s easy to live the good life on a budget there. I think that much of Southeast Asia is designed for easy travel. I was surprised to see New York on this list! I’ve never been but I’ve heard that it’s pretty fast-paced and stressful. I’m not sure how accurate that is though. Day trips and short holidays close to home are also a delight. I’ve been trying to explore my state more recently, although a lot of attractions are 4 hours + away.

  3. Thailand is always a good idea. Simply because I love Thai food so much, lol! As I get older, I find myself not as ambitious as before. I don’t feel like I no longer need to visit all the famous landmarks when travelling. Sometimes I could spend a whole day or week just lazying in my hotel room. I can’t agree enough with a cruise, stay at home and road trip too! Simply bliss 😀

  4. I love the diversity of this list. I’ve visited about half of these places, but one that really stood out for me is Thailand. It’s been on my wishlist for years. And I agree with cruising as an easy travel option. Everything is right at your fingertips on a boat.

  5. I have done some of these. I like the idea of traveling neighborhood places. Often we are not aware of the places around us. A road trip is very helpful.

  6. We’ve recently been to New York City and we loved it, but should I pick one of these, I’d definitely go for Amsterdam for a second visit! You’re so right about it being a relaxed city, and full of fun things to do!

  7. New York is still on my bucket list and I didn’t realise it is so easy to get a round. I have done the rest on your list and they are easy hoildays and sometimes that is what you need!

  8. Staycations can actually be really enjoyable – but the call of going somewhere new usually wins! I adore Barcelona, but would love to visit Amsterdam, and go back to New York – the last time I was there I was 19 and terrified of everything 😀

  9. Some fabulous destinations for an easy holiday – agree on Thailand and florid for an easy beach break, and on NYC for a city getaway. In a world where a lot of travel experiences are full of stress and planning it’s nice to have an easy break sometimes. Totally love cruising for the ease of unpacking your bag once but hitting multiple destinations. So awesome!

  10. I concider cruise from some time. Probably because I usually travel in complately different way. City Break, New York would be nice! And I would like to go back to Barcelona as well 🙂 The same with Thailand, my first south-east Asia trip, would like to see these places again!

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