Hawaii Vacation: A Dream Reward for Being an Adult

Meeting deadlines, paying bills and plainly living a routinary life every single day can be really stressful. Let’s admit it! We miss the life of not worrying. We crave for those days when we don’t have to think about of our life responsibilities. The life when money isn’t such a big deal because you expect an allowance next week from your parents. A life when going home late is never a problem, not until your dad texts you, “Where the hell are you?“. How we wish we can just respond with, “In Hawaii, dad!” Hahaha.

On the brighter side, adulting makes you independent. It gives you the power to make decisions on where and what you want to do with your life. They say, “Money makes the world go round.” And maybe money can take me to a luxurious break while staying at one of those Hawaii vacation homes.

hawaii vacation

Maybe not, maybe yes. We can not take away the fact that money plays a huge role in our daily lives. We work so hard to earn it. It’s what drives most people to work their asses off eight hours a day, five times a week, and sometimes, more. And every so often, there will be a point where doing the best we can to survive this ideology becomes dragging and so, we splurge. Or we consider quitting our job or daydream about being in Hawaii vacation.

“Work hard, party harder.”

Some do it with shopping clothes and shoes, foodies on trying a new restaurant in town, and others are simply splurging on groceries. It’s a form of stress-reliever for working class and no one can ever blame them. I have been there myself. I must admit, I still have the same tendencies, but I’d rather take a break by flying to paradise for a couple of days.

The perfect getaway for me is going to the beach. There is just something soothing about hearing the ocean waves or feeling the warm sand beneath your toes. There is something with the breeze that takes away the stress caused by a 9-5 job. It makes me look forward to my next time-off while giving me the energy for the next week of work. Who wouldn’t love to wear a bikini and simply take the time to relax?

So for the past few years, I booked trips to different famous beach destinations in the Philippines to help me loosen up the pressure. From the pristine beaches of Boracay to some most-renowned diving spots in Cebu, the calming waters of Zambales, the stunning sunsets of Mindoro, the undeniably stunning lagoons and islets off Palawan and the amazing diversity of ocean life in Batangas. I’ve seen some of the best popular spots in the country that has drawn millions of tourists and backpackers.

A Dream Hawaii Vacation

In spite all the domestic travels, I would love to get the chance to take a longer break and splurge without fretting about tomorrow. For sure, I would have gone straight to Hawaii.

Don’t get me wrong! Our country deserves to be put on the pedestal when it comes to the beautiful sceneries it offers. But how would you not love experiencing the tropical island that brought surfing, Lilo and Stitch, shaka, Hawaiian shirts and aloha into this world?

Aloha Spirit

If the Philippines is known to be hospitable in nature, Hawaii has been known for it’s “aloha spirit.” In fact, it’s not just an expression or their way of life, it’s actually a law in their land that obligates all citizens and government officials to conduct.

Hawaii, formed by a hotspot in the earth’s core, is considered as one of the most isolated, inhabited pieces of land on the planet. It boasts some of the best beaches in the world, excellent diving spots considering it is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and world-class waves which have attracted all professional and avid surfers.

Around every corner lies lush jungles, monstrous waterfalls, towering mountains and sea cliffs that would require you to ride a helicopter to see it with your own eyes is around every corner of these islands. No wonder why a lot of Hollywood movies were shot in Hawaii.

When you think Hawaii only has that to offer, you wouldn’t expect it to be an island with colorful beach sands. Yes, they have them! Ranging from white to yellow to black to red to even green sand beaches.

What makes Hawaii different from the world is the fascinating fact that it is the only tropical state in the United States of America where the Hawaiian culture has blended with the Asian culture. Its society is literally a melting pot of where the West meets the East living in harmony together. For someone who is looking for her own balance, I think Hawaii will be a good kick-off for me.


I love daydreaming! Come on! Who doesn’t? I always imagine myself in a Hawaii vacation home overlooking a good spot for sunset (oh I love golden hour!) or a villa with a pool where I can lounge on my robe while sipping a cocktail drink with a book on my hand – getting a spa therapy while indulging myself in the luxury of life. It should be the cherry on the cake for this dream vacation of mine.

As ambitious as it may sound but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big. It pushes us to go beyond our limits to achieve something that satisfies our yearning to have a better life than what we have now. Dreams tell us to move and keep up with how the world expects us to adapt to what the society demands. It justifies our purpose to find happiness by whatever means we can.

It is not only to reward our eyes with what we physically see but to show how much we value our own well-being – how much we would like to be treated by others. It’s merely putting ourselves first in line.  So from time to time, do yourself a favor by doing a tropical escape to get a glimpse of the blue waters.

After all the sacrifices we make, we all deserve a reward and it will be good for our mental health. Giving ourselves a break from the normal rounds is no doubt the best way of patting our backs saying,

“You did a great job on becoming an adult!”

What is your dream vacation/reward for yourself?

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  1. Where to start… I have so many dream vacations! I have managed to scratch some of them from my bucket list, like Indonesia. But still, have so many more. As a surfer, Hawaii is also on that list but also places like Myanmar, Nepal, Patagonia,… 😉 It’s so good to dream!! 🙂

  2. I completely relate to being more independent when you are an adult…I loved y childhood, but wouldn’t want the freedom I have now to anything 🙂

    I haven’t been to Hawaii, but I also quite fascinated by the mix of American and Asian cultures there…and of course, the beaches 🙂

  3. You know in 2010 – I had enough of ‘normal’ life and ditched everything to go and travel around the word, I was able to keep it up for 6 years straight by different means and visas and such but last year I finally decided to come home to give normal life a try (at the time I was burnt out and craved a bit of normality) however having been back in the rat race – I hate it and and I’m actually going away on a vacation soon and it’s literally whats been driving me. Hawaii is also a country I dream of going to aswell, I had the chance to a few years ago when I lived in Bali but opted to back to New Zealand for a 2nd time, I will get out to Hawaii someday and feel the ‘aloha spirit’ – And good on you to dream big – don’t stop haha

  4. I just went on a Hawaiian cruise to celebrate a ‘big’ birthday and it was amazing! Adulting is a funny thing but I think I have finally got the hang of it. I have definitely been practicing the work hard/ play hard theory. Next up for me if Finland for Northern Lights

  5. I’m with you that the perfect getaway for me is the beach. I don’t know what it is about the ocean, but there’s something which instantly soothes me too. We got married in Hawaii, and it is an incredible destination. Too right that there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big – I hope you get that dream tropical vacation soon!

  6. I find the older I get, the more of a mountain person I am – but I totally get your love for the beach as a prime getaway 🙂 One of the best parts of Luke and me getting established is that we were finally able to start traveling to all of our dream destinations – and there are still so many more to cover!! Paris was my biggest dream (and we went this year), and Rome is his… so I think that’ll be next on the hit list. Maybe we’ll get to the Amalfi Coast and enjoy some Italian beaches 😉

  7. I’m excited to share that I am going on a dream vacation myself: to Peru! I’ve been saving for a year for this and super excited to have the experience. I’ve been to Hawaii several times, ironically all of them have been for work but I got to do a little vacation on the weekends!

  8. We just returned from a dream vacation …100+ days in East Europe 🙂 I actually don’t have Hawaii on my list yet. It never occured to me. but now maybe I will add it. I have been to the Philippines many times and love the place.

  9. I hate the beach unless it involves SCUBA diving or snorkeling. I wish I could say I want to go back to Hawaii but I don’t really. I do have to visit two national parks there but otherwise laying on the beach all day isn’t my cup of tea and tropical hiking is just to hot.

  10. I’ve never been to Hawaii but just like for you – it’s a dream destination. Though I’m currently on Langkawi and I like to imagine that the mood and the atmosphere here are similar to Hawaii (though we don’t have vulcanos 😉 ).

    Happy travels – near and far!

  11. Hi Haze,

    Hawaii is up there as for as my dream location. I visited Savusavu, Fiji in 2015. Gave me a taste of the South Pacific, or Micronesia. I would love to see the equally pristine nature of Polynesia too, up north in the gorgeous Pacific Ocean.

    I’d say a safari and also, a Patagonia trip, are 1-2 on my list now. Heading back to Thailand in February – my fave country on earth – so we will see where we are headed after that.


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