Bali: A Heaven For Photo Enthusiasts

Sunset Bali

Bali is no doubt one of the most visited islands. It is full of surprises. I was thinking that Bali can be easily explored in a day but man! I was wrong! It is not as small as I used to think. You can find a lot of things in Bali and do a lot of activities from partying, surfing, trekking, paragliding, or just chilling. But I think one of the reasons why we see a lot of beautiful photos on our social media feed from famous people is because it is truly a paradise for photography lovers.

Besides the rainy days which seldom happen, anyone’s golden-hour mission will never go to waste on this island. It is a place filled with the finest collection of seascape, landscape and beautiful landmarks that make it a perfect location to capture in the albums and frames. I wanted to visit Bali for enduring its beauty but little did I know that it was going to mesmerize me with its extravagant locations and yes, sorry not sorry, to curate my Instagram feed.

Wandering around Bali made me realize that there were many spots to capture stunning photos such as the sea temple and the rice terraces of the mid-west. I mean, come on! Even the accommodations and cafes in Bali are all photo-worthy!


Canggu Bali
Photo by @resisadventure

I chose to stay in Canggu as I’ve read that it offers a quiet but accessible location. You see, I am a slow traveler and I really need my time of peace at times so Canggu it was! I did not expect much of it as I thought it was just a normal neighborhood but that’s the beauty of being in a new place – the surprises. Canggu has the low-key but beautiful rice fields, the most photogenic cafes on the island, and the beautiful sunset on a black but shiny shore.

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces Bali
Photo by @thefreedomcomplex

When it comes to rice terraces in Bali, Tegalalang Rice Terraces is the one that most people go to, but there’s a bigger scale of rice terraces – the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers a view less commercialized than the Tegalalang. This place is nothing but a sea of green.

There can be no location better than this to get a panoramic view and this is only because of the paddies that extend from the slopes of Mount Batukaru to down as far as you can see. It is not just the best location to capture in your camera in Bali but even in Indonesia.

Tegal Wangi Beach

Tegal Wangi Jimbaran Bali Indonesia
Photo by @apinchofhaze

To the south of the Jimbaran Bay is Tegal Wangi Beach. Here you can take a ton of pictures from up the cliff and even on the base where there are some mini caves. Whether you just want to watch the sunset or take photos, Tegal Wangi is the spot! But remember to be very careful as there are strong and deadly currents here especially on high tide. One of my friends got cuts being thrown by the waves. Do not under-estimate the whitewash as it can also bring you to the sharp rocks on the sea

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach A Pinch of Haze
Photo by @apinchofhaze

Located in the Jimbaran area, Balangan Beach is famous for pre-nuptial photos. Yes, do not be surprised if you see an entourage having their pictorials there. Haha. Golden hours are nice to experience in this area or even at any time. Make sure to explore the cliff before heading down to the beach area. You will see a decent number of Komodo dragons in this area, too.

Melasti Beach and Road

Melasti Beach
Photo by @tothatplace

Melasti beach stands out among other shorelines due to its powder-like sand. It stands at the southern part of Bali. Melasti Beach is complimented by the Melasti road – the road leading to the beach. The road itself stands out because of its curves along limestone cliffs. Do not be surprised if you see wedding photoshoots happening in the middle of this road. The beach itself does not house too many tourists which will work in the favor of many travelers. This means one can have time to get the shots they’ve been aiming for.  The top of the cliff which sits just a few steps off the curvy road gives a scenic view of both the beach and the road. This gives a photography enthusiast a great advantage point to take photos.



Amed Bali
Photo by @jordhammond

To the West Coast of Jimbaran, there is a fantastic seascape where you can enjoy stunning sunrises and that is Amed. This place to the east of Bali is a curving bay which filled with colorful traditional boats and the Mountain Agung.

This mountain will serve as an amazing background for your pictures. Although this seascape is very beautiful that it looks amazing all the time but the best time to take pictures in this particular location is in the morning. But why is it so? It because it is the apt time when the cruises and the fishing boats are spotted in large numbers.

Sunset On Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Bali
Photo by @alexis_kiyashko

If you are in search of white sand beaches in Bali, then head towards Seminyak beach. It’s a beautiful wide beach for panoramic pictures. But among everything on the beach what caught my attention the most was the sunset.

I lost the track of time while witnessing the picturesque scenery of the sunset. Moreover, I was very lucky to visit this place during the low tides because it is the time when this place remains calm and quiet. If you want to spend some time in tranquility, then no place would be more suitable than this.

Campuhan Ridge

Campuhan Ridge Bali
Photo by @visualsbydavey

Can you imagine walking in the middle of green valleys and the majestic environment around you?  If you can’t then Bali is waiting for you. Campuhan Ridge should be one of the reasons to visit Bali. Trekking in the narrow lanes of this ridge is quite an experience.

But to my surprise, the beauty and the magic of this place tops my expectations. It is a nine-kilometer hill track where both of the sides are occupied with lush green terrain. Moreover, the peak of the ridge will provide you with 360 degrees of a panoramic shot.


Munduk Plantation Bali
Photo by @mundukmodingplantation

My one of my motive to visit Bali was to spend some time in tranquility. Leading a city life and traveling from one place to another made me feel suffocated. On the other hand, the sounds of a car engine made me cringe a lot often and one final day I realized that I need to travel to a place where I will find peace of mind.

While exploring Bali I found out an amazing village in a remote location named Munduk. It is in the northern part of Bali and a distant place from any other most visited locations. But reaching there I realized that the pain I have taken reaching this place was worth everything. It is a very vibrant place that has paddy fields and plantations.


Bali is one of the most touristic destinations in the world for reasons. Have you been to Bali? Did you take amazing photos, too? 


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